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Our studio build high-performance mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry Tablet OS. Mobile devices have become an integral part of how we communicate, do business, and get our news and entertainment. That is the reason our mobile phone application development services are mostly oriented on delivering cross-platform mobile applications which are value-added and help our customers to take advantage in mobile area in the market. Our highly skilled resources can build cost effective and secured mobile applications.

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GearMaster for iOS

Casual game in the steampunk style!

Be creative and smart, or cunning and lucky - it's your choice! Discover mysterious worlds with one of three rollers. Intuitive controls let you manipulate the world of gears inside your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Collect all bonuses to increase your highscore and take place of honor on the leaderboard!

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Set of 5 simple widget that will help you keep track of your subscribers in different social networks.
- Twitter,
- Facebook (you can only track the number of Likes for public pages, not for groups)
- Youtube,
- Google + (perhaps tracking only public pages)
- Vkontakte (group + pages).
All you need is enter the username, id group / page or the name of your channel and all. And you can track and foreign subscribers as widgets do not require direct access to other people's accounts.


QAR reborned with new Unity Engine!

The second part of the game endured minimal changes of gameplay, but got new features of the engine. Gameplay is the same, while the work of the application on the device has improved markedly.

QAR - free casual game for android smartphones

Welcome to QAR - Quads wAR field!

It's a simple game, where you need to control a white square called "quad". Collect checkpoints on the field to take the best score, but it's not so easy, because there are red enemy quads which can destroy your quad. Some bonuses or antibonuses make the game varied. You can play this game alone and make you best score better and better, also you can send your score to global Papaya leaderboard.

You can download QAR free from Google Play


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